A former Liverpool boss Rick Parry has complained of how difficult it is now for top clubs to get the business done without making noise.

The Chief Executive hinted that transfer market enthusiasts want information that makes it difficult for transfers to be done quietly.

“You always try to get the business done and then announce the deal. It’s harder these days when agents play games. They try to ramp the price up and generate competition. More often than not that’s where the leaks tend to come from,” the ex Reds boss opined.

He adds that the agents of the players in question leak info, lying that numerous top clubs are also interested when in reality it is far from the truth.

In an interview with the BBC, Parry spoke about deal in his time. He said he regrets that Liverpool were not able to get DaniAlves, Damien Duff and even French star Nicolas Anelka.

He spoke of his regrets in losing Anelka after his time on loan around 2002. He said instead of getting the French star, the club settled for El HadjiDiou, Bruno Cheyrou and SalifDiao. He admitted that Anelka impressed during his time on loan but that Gerard Houllier was afraid that the player’s passion would reduce when confirmed as a full time player.

Parry said the club should have gone for quality then rather than more numbers. On Alves, Parry claimed the Brazilian was not as developed as he is now but the prospects were there. He said the club preferred to buy two players rather than spend big on a full back. He made several other revelations of his time at Liverpool in the interview.