Around 1 month ago Nicolas Anelka was fined with a €80,000 sanction as well as being banned for 5 days after the French forward made a controversial goal celebration which would ultimately conclude with Anelka terminating his contract with West Bromwich Albion as he became a free agent.

It wasn’t until a few days ago that the veteran attacker signed with a new club as he agreed to make a free transfer and join the Brazilian side Athletic Mineiro but even though everything seemed to be already done, the move has collapsed.

The director of Athletic Mineiro, Eduardo Maluf was expecting Anelka to arrive on Monday but he was later informed by the agents of the player that he would not land in Brazil until a few days later as the Frenchman was busy attending another event.

After receiving the news, Maluf and the club have announced that they will be preparing a complaint case to FIFA against Anelka and agents because of the actions they made which broke the agreement that was already made.

‘’If I knew that there wasn’t any chance of having him in our team, then I wouldn’t have spent money on airline tickets. Anelka says that it was all a fantasy and nothing of that is true. We are going to demonstrate that it wasn’t a fantasy and we have everything prepared to take the case to FIFA. He is going to have to pay all that we spent. I am very sad about this situation’’ Eduardo Maluf declared to the media.

Nicolas Anelka was expected to join Athletic Mineiro and form an attacking partnership with Ronaldinho Gaucho which would help the Brazilian club in their upcoming matches and tournaments including the Copa Libertadores.