Wayne Rooney has been really dragged around the past few weeks for his current form for United.

The career of the golden boy is winding down fast. Roy Hodgson did him a favour by selecting him for the Euro 2016 else his international career could have gone to the dogs. He has lost his starting shirt at Old Trafford under Jose Mourinho, playing the role of the regular substitute in games.

On the other hand, Rooney could have ended up a Wolves player. The former Everton player caught the attention of Wolves academy bosses when he was very young. Chris Evans noticed the star player when he was just eleven years old. Wolves didn’t spot Rooney’s talent on time. It has been widely claimed that Wolves missed out on stars like current Real Madrid manager and former France international Zinedine Zidane, Red Devils legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and former Chelsea player Nicholas Anelka.

Wolves Under 11 played at Liverpool in Bilston where Evans spotted the player. Evans watched the game with McGhee, the Wolverhampton boss.

“There was one player who stood out like a beacon. And that was a certain young man by the name Wayne Rooney. Even at that age, he was a super player. Physiologically he was so much bigger than the others, quicker, stronger, and more aggressive,” Evans said of young Rooney. When he made the move to see the boy’s parent, he was told that Rooney signed with Everton a few days earlier. Rooney proved to be a star at Everton before his switch to United.

Rooney has enjoyed a lot of successes at Old Trafford and at United. The way the player is being derided, it seems may have forgotten what a star Rooney was when he joined. The player is expected to hang his boots in a few years at most.