For footballers, traveling from city to city is a norm in the business. They often times have to move from club to club, seeking for opportunities to ply their trade and earn more wages. Some of the most traveled players in football –that played in the Premier League at some point –include:
- Robbie Keane

The former Irish national team players is best remembered for his time at Tottenham where he netted 93 times. However, he has also played for Leeds, Celtic, LA Galaxy and others. His club tally is reported to be at least ten.
- Peter Crouch

The tall and lanky forward has played for Spurs, QPR, Portsmouth, Aston Villa, Norwich, Liverpool, Stoke City, Burnley etc. He has reportedly played for at least 10 clubs as well. He had a decent career run before he retired.
- Nicolas Anelka
Anelka is known to have played for some of the biggest clubs across the European continent. He played for Manchester City, Fenerbahce, Bolton Wanderers and Chelsea. It was at the London club that he peaked and is best remembered for in England. He also played in China for Shanghai Shenhua, playing in 11 clubs at the last count.
- Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Based on his stay at Man United we are including the Swedish striker. Zlatan started with Malmo, played at Ajax, Juve, Inter, FC Barcelona, AC Milan, PSG, and LA Galaxy, aside United. He is in his third spell at AC Milan.
- Andy Cole
Aside being one of the record goalscorers in the Premier League, Cole is one of the most traveled player. He featured for Arsenal, Manchester City, Newcastle United aside Manchester United where he won titles.
- John Burridge
Burridge is reported to have played for 15 football league clubs. The goalkeeper played at Aston Villa, Newcastle, Blackpool and many others. In total he could have played for 29 football clubs in his career span.