Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has hinted that there could tensions between him andJose Mourinho, although he would prefer not to discuss about it. The France international was said to have a strained relationship with the manager during the backend of the previous campaign and this has not affected his performances on the field after returning from Russia as a World Cup winner.

Speaking after the Leicester City win, Pogba stressed that he is happy plying his trade for United, though he would restrict himself on other things to avoid being fined, he said: “I am the same Paul Pogba (as at the World Cup). It's a different team, obviously. I still love football and give my best. When you are comfortable, when people trust everyone, are good in the head, it's going to be easier. If you're not happy doing what you're doing, there's no point doing it, right? There's point doing things because you love it.There are things I cannot say, otherwise I will get fined.”

“Pogba was handed the captain’s armband for the season opener against Leicester City“and he managed to deliver the goods with a good performance where he scored a penalty in a 2-1 triumph. Shortly after “the game, Mourinho appeared“ to hint that he has no issues with the midfielder after describing him as a ‘monster’ on the field but this has not stopped the speculation from flowing.

As per reports, Barcelona were supposedly keen on landing Pogba this month but the move no longer appears possible with the Premier League transfer window having come to a close. Nevertheless, the La Liga champions are prepared to maintain their pursuit for the next transfer window and they remain hopeful of luring the World Cup winner under the influence of super-agent Mino Raiola.