Ahead of the Super Sunday clash when title favorites Liverpool visit Stamford Bridge, we look at how dominating Europe has helped the Reds in the transfer war with Chelsea.

Historically both sides have similar taste in young, attacking players so they have locked horns many times in the transfer market. However, the richer side usually won, outbidding Liverpool last minute.

No doubt, Alex Ferguson is one of the iconic figures of Manchester United. He has managed to win almost everything for the club during his twenty-seven-year-long career as the manager. In the year 2007-08, he also won the Champions League. However, only recently, he revealed a big regret which keeps on worrying him till now.

He went out and about it and said that his regret is that in the final of 2007-08, he had left out Park Ji-Sung from the game. As per the reports, Sir Alex Ferguson said that everything went perfectly in the game. He was bothered about the selection and finally, he decided to keep away the South Korean from the pitch. In the interview, he said that it was great to win the European Cup. The game involved a bunch of players who shared great attitude amongst themselves.

Netflix, the popular online video streaming platform has announced that Nicolas Anelka is going to be the subject of a documentary. This is going to be available on the streaming platform next year. It looks like Nicolas Anelka is going to follow the footsteps of Antoine Griezmann, his compatriot. This had been announced on the Series Mania festival which was being held in Lille from 22nd March till 30th of March.

The ex-footballer, the controversial figure from French football player had been one of the globetrotters of the football world in recent times. Hence, he is going to be the protagonist of this project that is to be released in 2020 in over 190 countries. From this, people can get the details of arguments which collect French media 'AlloCiné.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino may require a few more months in order to finalise the total teams participating at the 2022 World Cup. Qatar will be hosting the World Cup that is expected to feature 32 teams but there has been a desire from FIFA to increase the total count to 48 teams. However, Qatar will not be able to accommodate all the matches for the 48 teams considering that the World Cup needs to be held as a winter tournament for a very short period in order to combat the high temperatures that prevail in the region during the daytime.

As a result, the additional 16 teams have to be accommodated by other Gulf regions but it is turning out into a difficult proposition due to the geopolitical complications in the region. United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain have cut ties with Qatar for the last two years due to political disputes and even flights are prevented from flying between the countries.Infantino says that the complications between these countries have forced FIFA into taking more time into making a decision for the total number of teams. Qatar were able to win the rights to host the World Cup 2022 back in 2010 but it was only prescribed for 32 teams. As a result, the nation is constructing only eight stadiums.

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Nicolas Anelka, a European champion with the French national in 2000, a former player of a team like Real Madrid, Juve, Arsenal, PSG, and Chelsea have recently made an announcement that he will be in Suceava on 30th of November to give a kick-start to the match taking place between Bucovina Radauti and Foresta.

According to the reports, the legendary footballer of Suceava will not be able to take part in any sporting event. The match of the 3rd league and between teams Bucovina Radauti and Foresta Suceava will be held on November 30. The match will take place at the stadium "Areni" in Suceava and Nicolas Anelka will not be the part of Suceava team.

Former Arsenal and Real Madrid striker Nicolas Anelka has taken a coaching role with French team Lille where he will be working with the youth team. The former French international said that this is an exciting opportunity for him as he wants to work with youth players without being in the spotlight.

The former Arsenal player has previously been involved with Mumbai City in India as a player-coach. He said that this time around he wants to focus more on working with the youth and does not want to get involved with the professionals. He said that it has always been his dream to work as a coach and he feels that he will do it in the future.

Nicolas Anelka claimed to have been forced out of the Chelsea by coach Andrea Villa-Boas in 2011, leaving the west Londoners to join China's Shanghai Shenhua on 1 January 2012.

Reports drawn up revealed the former Golden Boot recipient was outrightly banned from using Chelsea's first-team car park, and forced to use different changing rooms, including having training sessions with the club's youth team.

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has hinted that there could tensions between him andJose Mourinho, although he would prefer not to discuss about it. The France international was said to have a strained relationship with the manager during the backend of the previous campaign and this has not affected his performances on the field after returning from Russia as a World Cup winner.

Speaking after the Leicester City win, Pogba stressed that he is happy plying his trade for United, though he would restrict himself on other things to avoid being fined, he said: “I am the same Paul Pogba (as at the World Cup). It's a different team, obviously. I still love football and give my best. When you are comfortable, when people trust everyone, are good in the head, it's going to be easier. If you're not happy doing what you're doing, there's no point doing it, right? There's point doing things because you love it.There are things I cannot say, otherwise I will get fined.”

Many states that Nicolas Anelka is one of the greatest players of the Premier League who was not given due credit or received the recognition that he deserved. He was snapped up by the Arsenal team when he was a teenager. He helped the club win Premier League as well as the FA cup in the years 1997 and 1998 consecutively. He then went on to play for clubs like Chelsea, Bolton Wanderers, Manchester City, Liverpool, and others.

His career has been a glittering one where he had several accomplishments at Serie A and Super Lig as well as at Champions League, Euro 2000 with France and so forth. Anelka has definitely created a considerable impact on English football. When he's started to play for England, he proved to be a formidable player for his opponents. He was one of the best strikers for any team that he played for. At Arsenal, his accomplishments were at a young age, which is a difficult time for any player since players had to be playing away from home. However, Anelka was able to even achieve good at Chelsea and won the league with this team. Even though he left this club for Real Madrid it was definitely a talented striker that these clubs had and he was pivotal for the Arsenal squad as well.

Arsenal favourite Thierry Henry has insisted Nicolas Anelka was one of the best strikers in the Premier League, though he does not get a mention when compared to other greats. The former France international started his Premier League career with Arsenal in 1997 and he thereafter pursued his trade for a number of English clubs including Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, Chelsea and West Bromwich Albion.

Speaking about Anelka on Sky Sports, Henry said: “We all know that he terrorised teams when he first arrived in England. He, for me – people do not mention him as they should mention him. He was one of the best strikers we have ever seen in this league. He won it at Arsenal at a young age, when it was very difficult. You had to battle away from home all the time. He did it at Chelsea, he won the league there.”