On September 27 of 2016, Sam Allardyce was removed from his managerial position from the England national football team after only having been in charge of the national side for around 70 days and the main reason of why Allardyce spent such a short period of time was due to the 2016 English football scandal which was a string of events that involved many figures from English football clubs being fired due to allegations of corruption and things of this nature.

There were investigations being done in relation to a few managers of English clubs including Southampton, Queens Park Rangers and Barnsley. Many of the head chiefs of these clubs had been involved in some way or another with bribery, avoiding tax and even becoming ambassador for fictitious sports company as a way to earn money in exchange for players.

The exact details of what happened with a few of the figures that were involved are still uncertain but most of the actions and decisions that the coaches and staff members made were illegal and this has caused them on being fined as well as fired from their respective jobs including Sam Allardyce who spent less than 3 months coaching the England national football team.

Despite everything that has been occurring, Nicolas Anelka backs and supports Sam Allardyce as the former Chelsea player said:

“So sorry for this story big sam! U were the right man for England and I still believe u are! Doesn’t matter what u did or what u said we all do mistakes … The most important is we still love u! Thanks for everything”.

Nicolas Anelka has experience in the world of coaching as the Frenchman took up a player coach role in Shanghai Shenhua and the same role with Mumbai City. The retired Frenchman is being rumored on taking up a permanent managerial role of a club after having properly earned his coaching badges.