After having parted ways with the Indian side Mumbai City, the former Chelsea player Nicolas Anelka is now looking around for a new club that he can take charge of as well as performing in like he used to do with in his latest club.

Nicolas Anelka did not spend the best of times as the player-manager of Mumbai City as a number of incidents occurred which affected the way that the Frenchman performed as well as his own teammates.

The initial objective that Anelka had outlined after having been promoted and taking up a more important role in the Indian club was to reach the semi-finals but that mission was never completed as the team of Anelka struggled to find their stride and was located in the bottom spots of the Indian Super League for a substantially long period of time.

When Anelka was questioned about his future and the possibility of having another player-manager role with a different team, the Frenchman appeared to be uncertain as to what he will want to do and that for the time being, all what he wants to do is take a break and decide about his future later on.

Anelka stated that having a balance between playing games and managing the team all at the same time is not something which is easy to do and even though that he did enjoy the experience, it was tough to do.

There was a point in the playing career of Nicolas Anelka when he was competing for a starting spot in Chelsea against the likes of Didier Drogba and the Frenchman was actually performing at a very high level but after a certain point in time, his performances began to sink and now Anelka is attempting to create a new chapter in his life by becoming a manager which is something that he still truly hasn’t kicked off in full force but considering that he’s 36 years old, it might be better off for him to make a complete stop playing and solely focus coaching a team.