When you see what Nicolas Anelka has done in his professional career, you would imagine him to be completely satisfied and have no regrets at all. But, that is not the case with the Frenchman.

Anelka thinks he could have done a few things differently during his career.

The thing which Anelka regrets the most is not being able to pen a permanent deal with Liverpool FC.

Anelka had made his way to Anfield on loan towards the end of 2001 and he spent a successful six months there.

It was understood that the striker would be offered a permanent contract at the end of that season, but, Gerard Houllier, who was in charge of the Reds back then, decided otherwise and Anelka was eventually signed by Liverpool’s league rival Manchester City.

Anelka flourished at City and then, he did the same at another top Premier League club Chelsea too, but, he reckons if he had joined Liverpool, he would perhaps have stayed there for a long period of time.

Speaking in an event the other day, the 35-year old said, “I still regret the fact that I could not join Liverpool on a permanent basis. I could have done so. I had such good relationship with the people over there. But, unfortunately, the manager did not want to sign me and it hurt me because he’s my compatriot. It’s Gerard Houllier I am talking about.”

“Gerard, after a few years, told me that it was not the best of the decisions that he made during his time there at Liverpool, but, you know, I still get disappointed when I think about that. I was willing to play for Liverpool for many years.”

Anelka is presently a part of the Indian club Mumbai City FC. He is performing pretty well in ISL.