Many states that Nicolas Anelka is one of the greatest players of the Premier League who was not given due credit or received the recognition that he deserved. He was snapped up by the Arsenal team when he was a teenager. He helped the club win Premier League as well as the FA cup in the years 1997 and 1998 consecutively. He then went on to play for clubs like Chelsea, Bolton Wanderers, Manchester City, Liverpool, and others.

His career has been a glittering one where he had several accomplishments at Serie A and Super Lig as well as at Champions League, Euro 2000 with France and so forth. Anelka has definitely created a considerable impact on English football. When he's started to play for England, he proved to be a formidable player for his opponents. He was one of the best strikers for any team that he played for. At Arsenal, his accomplishments were at a young age, which is a difficult time for any player since players had to be playing away from home. However, Anelka was able to even achieve good at Chelsea and won the league with this team. Even though he left this club for Real Madrid it was definitely a talented striker that these clubs had and he was pivotal for the Arsenal squad as well.

Born on 14th March 1979, he played as forward and then rose to the ranks of football manager for France team. Before he retired from playing for international football Anelka had become a regular member of the national team of France. His ability to assist goals and help score them as well as his capability as a striker was well known during his playing career. He did face disciplinary problems towards the end of his career when he was banned for 18 months, but by then he had already given up on international matches.