Nicolas Anelka has not made any competitive appearance for any club since 2015 which is the year when the Frenchman left Mumbai City.

The veteran player was actually serving a player-manager role in the Indian club but made his way out after only 1 season.

After the French international player left Mumbai City, he has not really been on the spotlight as Anelka did not join any other club. The presence of Nicolas Anelka in the world of football has significantly diminished and it has not been until recently that the former Chelsea player has actually taken up a new job in a club.

According to reports and rumors, Nicolas Anelka has opted to join the Dutch club Roda JC Kerkrade but not as an actual player and instead as a consultant.

It seems like the 38 year old performer is not so interested in being an active player as he has been taking up other jobs outside of the actual pitch.

Ton Caanen is the technical director of Roda JC Kerkrade and he revealed details concerning the recent addition of Nicolas Anelka to the Dutch club as the 51 year old director said:

“When I was I met Nicolas in Dubai and I have conversations with him about football. I immediately had the idea that I not only had to deal with a former football player, but also someone who has a very interesting idea about football in general. We are proud that we can add someone of his caliber to our organization. We will now discuss with Aleksei Korotaev how we are going to give precise details on his role’’

It’s believed that Nicolas Anelka is also going to be working very closely with the academy team of Roda JC besides his primary task of being a consultant for the club.