Nicolas Anelka, who was participating in the launching of a football academy, has stated that France may reach the Euros finals. It was a long time since Anelka talk to the media and reporters were keen to find out what he has become and also asked him questions about current football events.

Concerning the French team, he said that Didier Deschamps has chosen the best players at his disposal. He believes that there are some quality players in the French team and that playing on their home ground can give them an advantage. He said that France has always done well when hosting a tournament and he hopes that they can make it all the way again.

Belgium is another quality team in the tournament which possesses strong players, and he predicts that there might be France-Belgium final at the Euros.

When asked about the current critics concerning his former manager, Arsene Wenger he believes that fans are frustrated for failing to win the title. He said that the club will sooner or later win it again whether Wenger manages it or not. For him, Wenger has given everything to Arsenal, and he is the one who is behind the playing style at Arsenal, and he is one of the best managers in the world.

Nicolas Anelka has admitted that he does not see him managing him a club in the future. He can be involved in the football world but not as a manager. He said that the job does not attract him as it demands a lot of hard work. For the time being, he does not want to get involved in football directly especially when he has spent the last 20 years of his life in the field. He wants to try something else before thinking about his future.