Former Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal striker Nicolas Anelka has stated that the French team is the favorite to win the first Champions League match on Tuesday.

He believes however that the game will be a close one but that Paris Saint-Germain will have a slight advantage as they will be playing at home.

The former French international has played for both clubs in his career and believe that both clubs are two big sides that will be desperate to start their Champions League campaign with a good result. He believes that the sides are really close in terms of quality and that the victory will depend on the small details.

He said that Paris Saint-Germain has lost a quality player in Zlatan Ibrahimovic and that they will have to learn how to play without him. However, he believes that there is still quality in the team and that there are other players that can play and make the difference on the pitch.

He believes that Arsenal is also a very good team and that they will be playing an offensive football. Nicolas Anelka said that Arsene Wenger is a good manager and he has successfully kept Arsenal at the top level during his time at the club and that he expects the team to play good football on Tuesday. He believes that it will not be an easy game for the French side and that they will need to count on their supporters if they want to make a difference in the match.

He said that he will be supporting both sides on the day and that he wish that the best team win the game. However, he thinks that Paris Saint-Germain will have the home advantage on the day and that they should be able to win the game.