Ever since it has been reported that Nicolas Anelka is not happy at Shanghai Shenhua, he has been linked to several clubs all around the world. The 33 years old French striker is currently training with the Paris Saint Germain squad.

The managers of Paris Saint Germain and Queens Park Rangers have made it clear that Anelka is not going to sign for their clubs. Earlier, there were speculations that Anelka is very close to signing for one of these two clubs.

When asked if he is thinking of signing Anelka, the coach of Paris saint Germain, Carlo Ancelotti said, “There is nothing like that. He is only practicing with our squad. We are not going to offer him a contract and I can’t see him asking for a contract. So, it’s 100% certain that he is not going to sign for us.”

Anelka had begun his career with Paris Saint Germain in 1996. But, he left PSG after playing for them for just one season. He featured for PSG in 10 matches and scored 1 goal.

He again joined PSG for his second tenure in 2000. His record during his second tenure was a bit better. He played for PSG till 2002. During this period, he played 39 matches and found the net on 10 occasions.

On the other hand, the manager of Queens Park Rangers, Harry Redknapp, has said that his club can’t offer Anelka as much money as he is getting right now.

When asked about the possibilities of Anelka joining QPR, Redknapp said, “Anelka is a great player. He has the experience of playing all over the world. He has performed brilliantly for every club he has played for. We would have loved to sign him, but, we can’t pay him as much as he is being paid right now and I don’t think he would agree to play for us at lower wages. So, I don’t think there is any chance of him signing for QPR.”