The manager of West Ham United, Sam Allardyce, has said that he wants to sign Nicolas Anelka again. Allardyce had signed Anelka in 2006 when he was the manager of Bolton Wanderers. Allardyce left Wanderers in 2007 and just after one year, Anelka left Wanderers as well.

Allardyce was appointed as the manager of West Ham United in the last season and the West Ham team performed brilliantly under his guidance in the last season. West Ham won the 2012 Football League Championship Play-off Final and made its way into the Premier League.

The Hammers are performing pretty well in the ongoing season as well. Out of the 13 matches that they have played in the Premier League so far, they have won 5 and have lost 4. The remaining 4 matches have ended without any result. They are currently at no. 8 in the points table with 19 points.

West Ham has to play its next match against Stoke City on Monday. Allardyce was talking to the reporters in the press conference ahead of that match. When he was asked if he would like to sign Nicolas Anelka again, Allardyce said, “Yes off course. If he wants to return to the Premier League, we would definitely be interested in signing him. He has been a great player over the years.”
“I haven’t talked to Nicolas’ agent yet, but, I have heard that he wants to return to England. If it’s true, then, we would definitely approach his agent.”

When asked if he hadn’t enjoyed a good relationship with Anelka during his tenure at Bolton Wanderers, Allardyce said, “These reports are just rubbish. I had a very good tuning with him. When I decided to leave the club, he was gutted. We both respect each other a lot.”